On Wednesday, 1 September 2021, the new chapter in the history of the hundred years old building of Vzlet, Vršovice, Prague is going to open. Together with Vosto5 theatre company and Kino Pilotů cinema, Collegium 1704 is preparing the festive launch. The festival will last five days and is going to offer you a bit of everything, that will be served for you in Vzlet. Don´t miss the first concert of Collegium 1704 in the new hall – you will hear Bach´s motets, Zelenka´s Responsoria and Händel´s Gloria.

𝟭|𝟵 Puppet theatre for children by Studio Damúza, art workshop with Eva Jiřička, music workshop with Klára Boudalová, opening of the Galerie Vzlet, concert of Bert&Friends and audiovizual instalation under the batton of  Jiří Havelka, Martin Hůla a Petr Prokop 𝟯|𝟵 Gloria: concert of Collegium 1704 𝟰|𝟵 Stand’art cabaret: evening of theatre-music improvisation by Vosto5 Theatre 𝟱|𝟵 Face to face China: lecture by journalist Tomáš Etzler